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We have 2 Blenheim Boys available; Boy ‘A’ and Boy ‘B’. They will be ready to go on September 9th. Call or email for information: cochrancav@gmail.com or 864-859-6945

The Blenheim Girl and Blenheim Boy ‘C’ are sold.


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Blenheim Boy


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Blenheim Girl and Boy Available!!


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Two Ruby boys are SOLD. Boy ‘C’ is the one with the white stripe on the back of his neck. Boy ‘A’ is the little rascal who wouldn’t stay on the chair for his close up posing. Wm. finally managed to get him to pose at the end of the video. I wish that I could have put all of the clips in the video as it was hilarious to watch Wm.’s attempts to get Boy ‘A’ to stay on the chair. We laughed more over this little scamp. He is a real charmer, more interested in coming up to me for a petting than staying in the video.  These boys are 12 weeks old, health certificates and vaccinations done. They will make great pets for homes with children or for adults who want a puppy that makes you laugh at their antics. The boy Cavaliers are just as good a pet as the girls if they are neutered at 6 months of age.

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Ruby Boys are available. More photos and new videos at puppy links in the menu bar above.




We have a new litter of 8 puppies born February 11th. At this time, we are only offering the Ruby and Black & Tan Boys.


Cochran’s Paddington Bear is available!

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Hello Susan,
We thought you would get a kick out seeing our Charley (Cochran’s Ghiardelli) on her first bike ride. She doesn’t look too thrilled in the picture, but today when we took her on a ride, she was more relaxed. We went around the block the first time and today, we went a little further. She is harnessed in 2 places. Nifty gadget.
Joanne and Norman



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We have two Ruby boys just born that will be ready in March!

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